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Our AHC Interns

Ayurvedic Health Counselor interns work with diet and lifestyle changes as well as the digestive and mind systems.

Lisa Mistry- Ghatala

Michelle Patino, AHCi

Michelle first realized her passion for yoga while taking classes at a local gym in 2008. In 2015 she earned her 200-hour certification (RYT-200) and has been teaching private and group yoga and meditation classes since then. After completing Yoga Nidra teacher training in 2019, she realized Ayurveda’s irrefutable and necessary role alongside yoga and began her training toward Ayurvedic Health Counselor Program via the California College of Ayurveda where she is currently enrolled as an intern.
Phone: 209-356-4798

Monique Wright

Monique Wright AHCi

Hello, glad you are here.
A bit about me: Early on I knew I wanted to help people. Out of college I started fighting fire for the U.S. Forest service and felt the satisfaction of physical work while doing my part to help. As I matured, I realized I could not dig line forever and I needed to find my “what’s next”. Still drawn to helping, I started to look into different healing modalities. When I discovered Ayurveda, I was instantly captivated by how it viewed each person as a unique individual and didn’t just apply a one size fits all treatment to everyone with similar symptoms. I appreciate how it looks at the mind and body together to find balance.
Together we can plan to get you moving toward your optimum physical and mental wellbeing. It takes just a few shifts in your day-to-day activities to get you on a deliberate path toward health. I am excited to be your guide.
Monique (Moki) Wright.


Rashmi Sharma - ACHi

Rashmi Sharma, AHCi

I am Rashmi. I am an Ayurvedic Health Counselor intern. I have finished my 200 YTT as a yoga teacher. During my yoga teacher training, I realized that yoga is incomplete without Ayurveda. As Ayurveda is healing side of Yoga and both go side by side to help in healing our body, mind and consciousness. I am a strong believer of Divine existence in every human being.




Paige Pearman, AHCi

Paige is located in Louisville, KY  She has completed all of her Ayurvedic Body Therapy certifications at the California College of Ayurveda. She is an RYT 200 Yoga Teacher, Yoga Health Coach, and Integrative Health Coach. She has completed her academic Ayurvedic Health Counselor program and Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist Training, and is completing her internship at this time. She has her own Ayurvedic Practice called Luv Yourself. Paige’s dharma is to help you to learn to Luv Yourself in mind, body and spirit. Begin to re-connect to the inner healer that resides within the essence of our being.

Mobile: 502-641-6101

Lisa Jones - AHC Intern

Lisa V. Jones, AHCi

Lisa became a Registered Yoga Teacher in 2006 and a Certified Pilates Instructor in 2016. Through her yoga training, she discovered yoga’s “sister science,” Ayurveda, and was intrigued. It wasn’t until she encountered some of her own health issues that she sought out the advice of an Ayurvedic Practitioner. As she assimilated
many of the practices and principles taught in Ayurveda, she experienced the innate intelligence and healing power of her own body. She enrolled at the CCA in 2019 and has completed the academic portions of the Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Clinical Ayurveda Specialist programs. She is now an Ayurvedic Health Counselor Intern and is excited and honored to begin sharing Ayurveda with others.

Mobile:  919-368-4762

Our CAS Interns

Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist Residents/Interns work with the above as well as management of all diseases.

CASi Intern Christina Powers

Christina Powers, CASi

Christina Sirgun Powers moved to Grass Valley October 2021 to complete her Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist internship on-site at the California College of Ayurveda. She is a kundalini yoga & mediation teacher for the last 19 years and an Ayurvedic Health Counselor since 2021. She has over 7 years of experience designing wellness, lifestyle, and daily practice routines for clients and students. Here intention is to guide and teach her patients and clients to be self-sustaining on their personal path of well-being and happiness.

Phone: 530-460-8111

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Chloe Chapput CASi

Chloe Chapput, CASi

Chloe’s ever-growing interest in Ayurveda brought her to study formally with the California College of Ayurveda in 2016.
She has directly experienced numerous positive life changes from implementing Ayurveda into her life, through her journey of managing Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Fascinated with the wisdom of Ayurvedic nutrition, lifestyle, herbalism, Chloe works deeply with others to foster their holistic health. Her treatment sessions involve empowering individuals with the understanding of their own constitution and Ayurvedic principles.


+1 226 337 4650

Lisa Mistry- Ghatala

Lisa Mistry- Ghatala, CASi

Hi! I’m Lisa Ghatala. I’m a former, high-tech, corporate marketing go-getter. I followed my passion for living a deeply meaningful life. I love good food, traveling, reading, and looking at the moon. My mission? To illuminate the beauty of Ayurveda, this timeless, universal wisdom, empowering you to live in full awareness.



Britney-Peterson CASi

Britney Peterson, CASi

Britney began studying with the California College of Ayurveda in 2017. She is a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor and a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist intern, serving clients in person in and virtually with great success. As a retired Montessori educator, Britney is a confident teacher who is concerned with educating her clients about the principles of Ayurveda, allowing them to continue to improve on their personal practices independently for a lifetime. Her practice is built on Maitri, which means benevolence or loving kindness to oneself.


Emanda Thomas, CASi

Greetings! I found Ayurveda in my own personal search for a natural health and healing path. The more I learned, the more passionately I felt about sharing this beautiful ancient wisdom with others. I appreciate Ayurveda the most for what it teaches us about the importance of what we digest through all of the senses and the interconnectedness of our mind, heart, and body. This is what I focus on with my clients. I work from the perspective that healing is a journey, so do it with love. I’d love to support you in your wellness journey.




Kirsten Ahern CASi

Kirsten Ahern, CASi

Kirsten Ahern (KA) is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist Intern and Ayurvedic Health Counselor graduate from the California College of Ayurveda. She started KA Ayurveda in 2019.

Kirsten is also an E-RYT 200 and RYT 500 Prana Vinyasa certified yoga instructor trained in trauma sensitive-informed yoga techniques, a certified Marma therapist, meditation and mindfulness coach, corporate wellbeing consultant, former marathon runner, current swimmer, and triathlon dreamer.

Kirsten believes that no one path is right for everyone but there is a unique path available to all. Kirsten is a native of Washington, D.C., where she lives with her husband and their Tibetan Terrier.



Our AyD Interns

AyD Residents/Interns work with the above as well as management of all diseases.

nina fine
Shawna Jamieson AyDi

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